Palmer Properties Investment and Development

Palmer Investment & Development has The expertise that encompasses

office, retail, industrial, and medical properties.

In addition to developing, owning, and managing commercial real estate, we partner with existing business owners in helping them achieve their real estate goals through joint venture investments and build-to-suits.

Our experience in supporting local, regional, and international businesses ensures our ability to cater to your specific needs. With our team of professionals utilizing their knowledge of Northern Colorado markets in addition to local and national industry trends, we can help ensure the best investment results for our partners.

Investment Criteria

Our portfolio is equally comfortable with ground-up development projects, asset repositioning, and upgrading properties of all types and sizes. Our vast experience incorporates over 40 years of investment experience and includes the development of assets for a variety of situations and a range of goals. 

Palmer Investment & Development is driven by in-depth analysis of current and future cash flow potential with the financial structure of each project aimed at minimizing risks and maximizing strengths to deliver exceptional returns. We maintain a competitive edge in an aggressive and rapidly-changing industry by capitalizing on our successful relationships with tenants, vendors, landlords, and local industry leaders.

Our Current Investments Include:

– The Avery Building, Fort Collins

– Drake Crossing Shopping Center, Fort Collins

– Harmony Market Place, Fort Collins

– Spring Creek Shopping Center, Fort Collins

– 1002 S College Ave, Fort Collins

– 1005 S Lemay Ave, Fort Collins

– 1046 Mountain Ave, Fort Collins

– 1100 Haxton, Fort Collins

– 111 W Olive St, Fort Collins

– 117 E Drake Rd, Fort Collins

– 1220 S College Ave, Fort Collins

– 1241 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins

– 1330 Oakridge Dr, Fort Collins

– 151 N College Ave, Fort Collins

– 2109 S College Ave, Fort Collins

– 2170 W Drake Rd, Fort Collins 

– 2900 S College Ave, Fort Collins

– 2925 S College Ave, Fort Collins

– 3000 S College Ave, Fort Collins

– 3030 S College Ave, Fort Collins

– 3519 S College Ave, Fort Collins

– 3531 S College Ave, Fort Collins

– 3636 S College Ave, Fort Collins

– 3665 JFK Parkway, Fort Collins

– 3700 S College Ave, Fort Collins

– 3710 Mitchell Dr, Fort Collins

– 3711 JFK Parkway, Fort Collins

– 3720 S College Ave, Fort Collins

– 400 E Horsetooth Ave, Fort Collins

– Palmer Gardens Shopping Center, Loveland

– 1700 Grand Ave, Laramie 


Palmer Properties Investments-Office

My partnership with Mr. Spiro Palmer in the office building on JFK Parkway has been an enriching experience personally and a solid investment. He and his management team are very insightful and creative in managing the current needs and future expectations of our clients as well as of the physical building. They are similarly proactive in managing the economics of the whole operation. Their fiduciary practices are impeccable! The accounting and reporting practices are beyond my expectations. The entire management operation from the perspective of a partner is superb, and I am a happy owner.