Palmer Properties Commercial Property Management

Using the industry practices that we’ve acquired from decades in service, we partner with our clients in offering asset management and strategic Commercial Property consulting to better ensure the success of their businesses.

Reporting & Financial Management

Palmer Property Management creates, implements, and tracks annual business plans for each project.

We utilize advanced financial and accounting programs which are fully integrated with our real estate management functions – which translates into organized reports, budgets, and files that are on-time and accurate.

Lease Administration

Our services include lease abstraction, implementation, management, and audit services.

We enable our clients to control leasehold expenses through proactive management of your critical dates and options.

Tenant Retention and Expense Control

Palmer Property Management offers a high level of personal customer service to ensure tenant satisfaction in order to optimize retention.

We manage pass-thru expenses to ensure a property’s market competitive edge and can therefore demand higher rents.

Real Estate Tax Appeal and Property Insurance

We direct the property tax appeal process and monitor market conditions which favor a lower taxable value.

Our blanket insurance policy capitalizes on our portfolio size for increased coverage at a reduced cost.

Energy Management and Sustainability

Our energy conservation and efficiency efforts help reduce operating expenses, improve tenant retention, and increase asset value.

We regularly research available incentive / rebate programs.

We position our clients’ real estate assets to meet sustainability goals.

Vendor & Contract Management

We are the coordinating agent and liaison working with vendors, overseeing the competitive bid process, and supervising to ensure superior results on time and on budget.

Our extensive portfolio of managed properties offers significant leverage with both vendors and contractors to negotiate favorable terms.

Every experience I and my colleagues have had with Palmer Property Management over the many years we’ve worked with them has been a positive one. The staff is professional, friendly, and efficient. They have always been receptive to our needs - regardless of how big or small they are. I feel absolutely comfortable giving them my full endorsement.

Nicholas Hoogendyk

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